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Port workers unwell from cargo

Published on 05/06/2007

5 June 2007

ANTWERP – 24 workers at the Antwerp port became ill on Monday night after unloading two containers from Argentina. They were brought to hospital with nausea and eye irritation.

The containers were loaded with a harmless product, but a penetrating odour spread in the area nonetheless.

Port workers noticed a strange odour when they opened the ship’s hold just past midnight last night at the MSC Home Terminal. It became stronger once the two containers had been unloaded onto the dock.

“A few port workers were suffering from nausea and eye irritation. The work was immediately stopped and all teams were evacuated,” says Dirk Oellibrandt, general manager of the MSC Home Terminal.

The medical action plan was put into effect and emergency services arrived on the site. The 24 workers brought to hospital have been released after examination.

The dock was opened up against at 2.30 am. “It is still not clear if there was a leak. A specialised company has been called in to check the contents of the ship,” Oellibrandt said.

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