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Manneken Pis gets flowery hairdo

Published on 11/08/2017

From now until Sunday the boy that never stops peeing will be sporting a multi-coloured wig made of flowers to promote the Flowertime flower exhibition that is being held in the capital until next Tuesday.

Flowertime opens its door in Brussels Town Hall on Friday. The bi-annual exhibition puts on display work by top florists from home and abroad.

This year’s Flowertime is the third to be held in Brussels. The 2017 edition of the exhibition is dedicated to both flowers and fruit.

In order to promote the exhibition, the artist Geoffroy Mottart has given Manneken Pis a brand new hairdo made out of flowers. In the past he has used flowers to decorate statues in the capital and he says that being able to work on Manneken Pis is like a dream come true.

Flowertime runs from Friday 11 August until Tuesday 15 August in Brussels Town Hall. Manneken Pis’ flowery locks can be viewed until Sunday at the usual place on the corner of the Stoofstraat and the Eikstraat in the historic heart of Brussels. 


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