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Cancer charity victim to rip-off merchants

Published on 12/04/2005

12 April 2005

BRUSSELS – A charity which helps children with cancer believes conmen have been exploiting its name to make money.

On Tuesday, La Libre Belgique reported that Jour apres Jour has heard from witnesses who saw people selling teddy bears outside supermarkets in Brussels between 3 and 9 April.

The sales people presented false plastic cards bearing the logo of the cancer charity and claimed profits would help Jour apres Jour.

In a statement, the charity’s president Fabienne Manandise said the bears were sold at Carrefour in Berchem Sainte Agathe and in Carrefour at Kraainem.

She said the charity was not selling any products at the moment to raise money.

She stressed that when genuine products were sold by Jour apres Jour salespeople were given a letter signed by her, specifying what products were on sale, where they could be bought and the date the sale was authorised.

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