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Belgium still behind EU on jobs

Published on 05/07/2004

5 July 2004

BRUSSELS – The number of people of working age in Belgium who currently have a job is still lower than the European Union average it was confirmed on Monday.

According to the annual report by Belgium’s official employment council, only 60 Belgians out of 100 who are of working age, are in employment.

The figure for the EU as a whole is 64 out of 100.

The employment council said Belgium needs to put in place policies that encourage people to take up work when it is offered if the country wants to close the gap.

It also said that the country needs to look at ways of reducing the costs employers in this country have to pay when they employ someone.

Belgium currently has some of the European Union’s highest non-wage labour costs.

These costs include things like employers’ social security contributions for their workers.

The Belgian authorities should also discourage early retirement and look at ways of persuading people to work for longer, the employment council said.

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