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59 police chiefs face demotion

Published on 13/12/2004

13 December 2004

BRUSSELS – Fifty nine police commissioners face instant demotion under new legislation  approved by the Belgian government.

The passing of the so-called Vesale law will mean immediate pay cut for those concerned.

The new  legislation also means that a number of ongoing enquiries will lose their chief of command.

According to Belgian press reports, the law is not a consequence of the officers’ lack of professionalism but the result of an earlier judgement by the Court of Arbitration.

The court ruled that local police officers had missed out during the restructure of the force, prompting a reworking of the laws governing the police.

One of the commissioners affected said it would mean a pay cut of EUR 250 to 500 every month, and that little thought had been given to the huge delays it would cause for current investigations.

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