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Fourniret trial centres on Elisabeth Brichet’s murder

Published on April 14, 2008

14 April 2008

CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES – The murder of the 12-year-old Belgian girl, Elisabeth Brichet, is the focus of proceedings at the trial of Frenchman Michel Fourniret on Monday and Tuesday.

At the start of the proceedings in Charleville-Mezieres in France, Fourniret denied raping the girl.

His wife, Monique Olivier, who is also standing trial admitted complicity in the girl’s abduction, but denied any involvement in her rape or killing.

Before Fourniret and Olivier were quizzed, Elisabeth Brichet’s parents were given an opportunity to give their account of events.

Her father read out a text about his daughter who would remain twelve for ever. It was a very emotional moment for Elisabeth’s mother. She read out letters from her daughter’s friends.

The court also heard evidence from Elisabeth’s friend in whose garden she was playing before she was abducted.

It was in the garden that Fourniret first noticed the girl.

A big mystery for many years
Elisabeth Brichet disappeared on 20 December 1988 in Saint-Servais near Namur. She was playing at a friend’s home, some 400 metres from her house.

It was Fourniret’s wife who approached the girl saying she was looking for a doctor. Elisabeth was then abducted, raped and murdered.

Fourniret now faces charges in connection with her rape and murder.

Fourteen years later, the investigation made little progress.

The arrest of the Belgian child sex killer Marc Dutroux failed to solve the mystery surrounding Elisabeth’s disappearance.

It was only when Monique Olivier confessed that the search could be ended.

Elisabeth’s remains were discovered near Sautou Castle in France in 2004.

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