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Belgian tax number

Tax identification numbers in Belgium


You'll need to have a tax identification number in Belgium if you're planning on living and working in the little but mighty European country. Discover more about the Belgian tax numbers for business and the related procedures in this guide.

Buying a house

Buying a home is more than just a mortgage


Buying a home is a monumental occasion, whether you’re starting fresh in a new Belgian city or building your dream house in the town that you fell in love with.

Taxes in Belgium

Taxes for freelancers, self-employed and corporations in Belgium

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If you work in Belgium as a freelancer, self-employed worker or company owner, you must register to pay Belgian corporate tax and social security. This guide explains corporate tax rates in Belgium.

Taxes in Belgium

Belgian tax guide: Understanding taxes in Belgium for foreigners


A guide to Belgian taxes with up-to-date information on Belgian tax rates, VAT, exemptions and taxes in Belgium for foreigners, plus other payable taxes in Belgium.

inheritance tax belgium

Expat guide to inheritance tax in Belgium, inheritance law and drawing a la...


Inheritance tax in Belgium can apply to worldwide assets; find out if your assets or real estate are subject to Belgian inheritance law and what Belgian inheritance tax you are liable to pay.

Tax on savings and investments in Belgium

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Planning to invest and save for your future while in Belgium? Here is our helpful guide for expats on the Belgium taxes on savings and investment incomes and other important information about shares, capital gains tax and speculation tax in Belgium.

How to calculate your tax burden in Belgium


Belgian taxes can take a chunk out of your salary – calculate how much you have to pay in Belgian taxes and social security to find your net salary or net income.

Deducting business expenses in Belgium

What expenses can I deduct from my Belgian taxes?


Expatica's tax expert Gregory Goossens explains what business expenses you can deduct from your Belgian taxes when filing your tax return in Belgium.

non-resident tax status Belgium

Expat tax in Belgium: How to claim non-resident tax status


Expatica's tax expert Gregory Goossens explains how to arrange your taxes after moving to Belgium and the tax benefits for non-resident Belgian tax payers.

Taxes in Belgium

Filing your 2017 tax return for Belgium – in English


Expatica's tax expert provides an overview of tax filing deadlines and an English version of the 2017 Belgian tax return to help you file your Belgian taxes.

ING Belgium

International tax compliance for expats


As expats need to declare their worldwide income and assets, it's important that all investments and tax declarations meet international standards. [Contributed by ING Belgium]

Tax for Canadian expats living abroad

Tax basics for Canadian expats


Canadians are taxed on worldwide income; two Canadian tax experts advise on how Canucks abroad can avoid paying more tax than they need to.

Tax for US expats living abroad

Tax help for US expats


As the annual deadline looms for filing your US tax return, here are a few facts to help ensure your taxes are filed correctly before the IRS catches up.

Tax for UK expats

Expert tax tips: Considerations for UK expats


Dean Power explains how UK expats can ensure they are paying the correct UK taxes and maximise the opportunities available to them as UK expats living abroad.

Tax benefits for buying a house in Belgium

Tax benefits for buying a house in Belgium


You may be entitled to the 'abattement' when buying a house in Belgium. Tax specialist Gregory Goossens explains how homeowners in Belgium can qualify for a tax exemption.

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