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Filing your 2017 tax return for Belgium – in English

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Expatica's tax expert provides an overview of tax filing deadlines and an English version of the 2017 Belgian tax return to help you file your Belgian taxes.

It is that time of the year again to file your Belgian tax return and pay the applicable taxes in Belgium. Practically every resident taxpayer in Belgium has already received that brown envelope in the mail, containing the 2017 individual income tax form with a 30 June filing deadline. By that time, your Belgian tax return should be returned to the tax authorities, duly signed and completed, properly mentioning your taxable income, expenses and deductions for 2016.

Once again the tax form has become longer and more complex: the tax return this year counts an astonishing 770 codes (of which 43 codes were added this year's edition). It is, however, remarkable that 82 percent of the taxpayers only need to fill out an average of 20 of the 770 available codes.

If you file the return on time, the tax assessment will most likely arrive around March/April next year. Although this is a long time – especially if you are entitled to a tax refund – the upside is that any additional income taxes due also don't need to be paid until spring 2018.

Taxpayers using the Tax-On-Web application will likely receive their tax assessment quicker than those still filing the paper tax form. Additionally, if you are late for the filing deadline for the paper form, the Tax-On-Web application will give you an extension until 15 July.

For those who miss out on both dates, a tax advisor or accountant can provide a way out as they have until 29 October to file your tax return.

Finding one's way around the many tax codes, exemptions and deductions available can be a challenge for foreigners who need to file in Belgium, especially as most information is only available in French, Dutch or German. To assist you, TAXPATRIA provides an updated (unofficial) English version of the 2017 tax return. For any related questions, feel free to get in touch with one of TAXPATRIA's advisors.

The 2017 tax form (Part 1 and Part 2) can be downloaded from

Gregory Goossens / Expatica

Gregory Goossens is an attorney at TAXPATRIA, an independent service provider for the international community working and living in Belgium. Taxpatria is an alternative to the classic Big Four companies, and its aim is to establish a personal relationship with each client.

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