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Working via a personal services company in Belgium with Access Financial

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If you are an IT contractor, there is a certain complexity involved in using your Personal Services Company (PSC), or limited company, to work abroad. [Contributed by Access Financial]

Whether you have a French SARL, EURL or EI; a UK Ltd; or any PSC registered in the EU or EEA, one has to respect the rules and abide by the regulations of the country in which you work.

When using your PSC to sign a contract, work, issue an invoice and get paid, you need to follow these key steps:

  1. Register your PSC in Belgium as a foreign employer.
  2. Become an employee of your PSC and receive a salary locally, which represents an expense for your PSC.
  3. Pay taxes and social security contributions based on your local salary.
  4. Pay taxes in the country where your PSC is registered, e.g. France, the UK or Poland, on the amount that represents your profits before taxes (gross profits-expenses).

It is only after all of these steps have been followed that you can consider yourself to be completely compliant in Belgium.

All of the administrative tasks associated with establishing and running a PSC are often not clear or easy for those not specialised in finance and accounting. It can be tedious and frustrating, not to mention expensive and time-consuming, to accomplish all of these steps on your own—while trying to run a business in the meantime.

Contractors must be able to focus the majority of their time on their projects, leaving what free time is left available for personal time spent with family and friends. The administrative hassle of handling accounting and paperwork is time away from them.

Access Financial: Personal service company

Access Financial can help you to fulfil all the administrative requirements. We take care of the registration of Personal Services Companies in Belgium, the salary payslips, the social security registration and payment of the taxes on salary.

Our local, professional accountants are meticulous, meaning there will be no tax surprises at the end of the year. They will also ensure you get the maximum net retention possible—within legal means.

Access Financial not only helps contractors stay compliant while using their PSC in Belgium, but also helps recruitment agencies and end clients stay informed and assured that the contracts are compliant and the payments are on time.

If you work, plan to work, or are placing contractors in Belgium, please contact me:

Nikolas Papageorgiou,
Country Manager
Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands


+32 28081505 (Brussels)

+31  202415749 (Amsterdam)

+33 182888902 (Paris)


+352 621677847 (Luxembourg)



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Contributed by Access Financial

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