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Last update on December 23, 2018

St. John’s IB Primary Years Programme focuses on the well-rounded education of elementary school children. [Contributed by St. John’s International School]

IB Primary Years Programme PYPSt. John’s International School is the only school in Belgium accredited to offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Preparing students for intellectual challenges

The PYP is a curriculum framework designed for elementary school students. It prepares students for the intellectual challenges of further education and their future careers, focusing on the well-rounded development of a child as an inquirer — both in the classroom and in the world outside.

In promoting this aim, the program is committed to developing the attributes of the IB learner profile among its students. The learner profile describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success. They imply a commitment to help all members of the school community learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them.

Through the PYP, our students are encouraged to be inquiring and independent thinkers, in charge of their own learning. They take full advantage of their international environment to become knowledgeable and culturally aware.  – Chris Savva, PYP Coordinator at St. John’s        

PYP in early years

The IB knows that young learners are intelligent, resourceful and creative individuals who grow, develop and learn at different rates. They explore their environment and learn about their world through play and relationships with peers, teachers, family and community members.

IB Primary Years Programme

Parents whose children have experienced the PYP in an early years setting like how the program understands that each child is unique.

PYP and independent learning

The PYP nurtures independent learning skills, encouraging every student to take responsibility for their learning. The program incorporates local and global issues into the curriculum, asking students to look at six related, transdisciplinary themes and to consider the links between them. The themes include ‘who we are’, ‘where we are in place and time’ and ‘how the world works’.

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Contributed by St. John’s International School

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