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Facing a new start in a foreign country can be very challenging. For this reason, we are here to help you find the practical advice you need (for yourself or your employees), to make your move easier.

Julie  Craddock, a Belgian citizen the founder of E.R.B. (, has lived in four major Belgian cities in her life, and has also lived in the United States and in Spain for prolonged periods.

E.R.B. offers a range of relocation services.

Based on our several years of experience in Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp and other Belgian cities) and abroad, with both local and international moves, we can provide the high-quality services companies and relocated employees expect and need.

Our team can assist with orientation visits, welcome meetings, temporary accommodation, school searches, property searches, settling in services, spousal career services, counselling services, property & tenancy management, move management, departure services,registration at the town hall, residence cards, de-registration)  etc.

Professionalism, experience, reliability and providing high-quality services are the cornerstones of our team, and we offer relocation packages at competitive rates.