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Sathish Madappa


Thanks Dinesh for your quick response on my query regarding visiting Turkey on Business while Residence Permit is in process here in Belgium. I just wanted to add some more information. I have got a eVisa to enter into Turkey based on the Schengen Visa (D Type with Mulit entry). So with eVisa and Schengen visa together I suppose entering Turkey shouldn't be an issue. But my question is will I be able to come back to Belgium without any issues. I do have Multi entry visa to Belgium. So would that allow me to enter back? Please respond at the earliest as you did earlier.


by Sathish Madappa on 25 Nov 2015
Dinesh Krishnan

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I have no knowledge of the Turkey e visa and its functioning. Kindly consult a private emigration consultant or federal customs authorities for accurate advice on the issue further. Regards

by Dinesh Krishnan on 01 Dec 2015

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