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Dr Gurbanni Dhillon Virk


My name is Dr Gurbanni Dhillon Virk and I am a Dentist with the Masters qualification of Masters in Dental Surgery (MDS) in Endodontics and Conservative Surgery from India.

I am relocating to Brussels, Belgium with my husband as he has been granted a Belgium Blue Card/ Work Permit.

I wish to gain an equivalency of my degree in Belgium that will allow me to work as a Dentist.
I wish to gain equivalency with the Federation of Wallonia Brussels (FWB) and with the French community of Belgium.

by Dr Gurbanni Dhillon Virk on 17 Sep 2013
Prof. Dr. Bert Mosselmans

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I am not a medical doctor, so I cannot specifically help out with this matter. I do know however that the recognition of medical degrees is a federal (Belgian) matter, so not tied to either the Walloon or Flemish community. You would have to contact one specific university to help you through the procedure.

by Prof. Dr. Bert Mosselmans on 26 Sep 2013

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