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Eszter Biro


My husband is a US and Turkish citizen.He will work for an American company as their employee in Belgium. We do not have children.We would like to know how much net income he actually earns if his net gross salary is 120 000 Euro per year? He has been working in America for 17 years. He will receive a pension and has an American Retirement plan. Can he get an expat Status in Belgium with the special tax refund? Thank you for your advice. Eszter

by Eszter Biro on 24 Mar 2011
David Kuenzi

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Thank you for your inquiry.
The ability of your husband to attain favorable tax treatment in Belgium we depend on a host of issues concerning his employment. The special Belgium tax treatment of foreign executives is provided as an incentive to multinational corporations to base their European operations in Belgium by limiting the cost of bringing in foreign executives. Your husband, at a minimum, would probably have to have be employed by the same company before moving to Belgium, be a senior executive, and show that the assignment is only for a couple of years. You will have to show that your primary economic interest is maintained outside of Belgium. Ultimately, it will be up to your company’s internal HR department to make this case on your behalf.
Estimating net actual income is not possible based on the limited information we have about your family’s financial and employment situation.
Good luck and feel free to contact us directly if you would like more assistance with investment management and financial planning.

by David Kuenzi on 26 Mar 2011

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