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I was married for 17 years to a Belgian diplomat and lived around the world. I am from the US. We are divorced. Can I claim part of his retirement pension since I lived outside my own country in order for him to have his job, and I did not pay into the US social security during those years? Thank you!

by Susan on 29 Sep 2012
David Kuenzi

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Hi Susan,

Thanks for your inquiry.

You have no standing to claim an US social security benefits unless either you or your husband paid US social security tax for a sufficient enough time to receive a benefit. We are not familiar enough with the Belgium pension system and pension law to determine what standing you would have to make a claim on the pension of a former Belgium spouse. I would presume that any right would have been specified in the divorce agreement, but you should consult a Belgium family law specialist for definitive answer.

David Kuenzi

by David Kuenzi on 23 Dec 2012

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