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I have just closed my bvba. I will trade as a self employed person. Do I need professional indemnity insurance?

by fred on 19 Jul 2014
Filip Declercq

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Hi Fred,

If you have a intellectual job I would say: yes. It is some professions mandatory: insurance broker, accountant, real estate agent …
In other professions it’s not mandatory but really important that you do so, for example if you’re a doctor. If a client can sue you for a professional mistake, you better have one.

If it is not an intellectual profession (with all respect because also a butcher or baker needs to use his brains) it is again not mandatory, but better have a liability insurance for all damage that you, your employees or your goods/machines cause to other persons/clients.

For every profession there is a difference in the policy you need. You better ask a broker to assist you, so you have the right one, with the correct insured sums and the right covers. But it all depends on what profession you have, which risks you have, if you work B2B or B2C, etc…

Kind regards

by Filip Declercq on 22 Jul 2014

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