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Annie Caza


I have a few simple questions. What will Belfius charge me for an ATM withdraw, using an American Debit Card, at the airport? Is it more expensive at the airport than other locations? What is the maximum daily amount?
Thank you!

by Annie Caza on 03 May 2017
Dave Deruytter

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Dear M. Annie Caza,

I checked the Belfius website but did not find the answer to your questions. The issuer of your “American Debit Card” should have some answers. ATMs in general in Belgium would have the same fees wherever they are located in Belgium. It is always useful to check the logos on your card with the logos on the ATM. In Belgium cards with chips tend to function most of the time, those with magnetic strip only, less often. ATMs have limits, still that may depend on the type of card you use. I found this 2 year old information exchange on a similar matter which may still be of use to you:

I hope this may be of some help.

With best regards

by Dave Deruytter on 05 May 2017

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