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I currently have expat status. The company I work for is offering me to join a subsidiary, also in Belgium The subsidiary is a fullly owned company by the parent company. I will have to sign a new contract and wonder if I will lose my expat status

by Andrew on 26 Nov 2010
Matthias Lommers

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Dear Andrew,
As you are already living in Belgium and working for a Belgian company (under expat tax status), the termination of your current contract will not automatically result in a renewal of your expat tax status. For this, a new request should be made with the Expatriate Tax Directorate. In this respect, it is not relevant that your new employer is a 100% subsidiary of your current employer. It is not certain that a new request to obtain the expat status will result in a positive decision.
The central issue in this is that the tax authorities will no longer consider your stay in Belgium to be ‘temporary’. Of course, you always have the option to prove otherwise.
If you have other questions in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

by Matthias Lommers on 10 Dec 2010

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