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Laura De Sanctis


I am an Italian attorney. I worked in Brussels from December 1996 to November 1999 and paid social security contributions to Partena. Then I moved back to Italy where I work and pay social security contributions. I am not going to retire and, in any case, I am not interested in requesting totalization of the contributions paid in Belgium. I wonder whether I can get back the contributions paid to Partena from 1996 to 1999 and, if so, to whom I shall apply. Thanks

by Laura De Sanctis on 05 Mar 2018
Dany Coppens

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Dear Mrs. De Sanctis,
As we are experts regarding legal health insurance, I recommand to take contact with Partena Social Fund for self employds. In my opinion social contributions are not reimbursable as they are compulsory on the income you had in Belgium.
Kind regards.
Dany Coppens

by Dany Coppens on 16 Mar 2018

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