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I am a British citizen and I would like to open a bank account in Belgium as I am planning to buy a property in Anderlecht therefore I have to transfer the money to my account before coming to Belgium .
I am planning to come the last 10 days in Feb .
Can my brother open a bank account on my behalf, as I have HSBC bank account in UK do you think it will be easier to open a HSBC one through them?
Thank you

by Meriem on 19 Jan 2017
Dave Deruytter

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am not sure you need a Belgian bank account to buy property in Belgium. Please double check with your notary or real estate agent.
If you need a Belgian bank account, then you cannot ask some else (e.g. your brother) to open it for you. You have to do that in person.
The Belgian bank will need to see you at least once in person in Belgium or at its offices overseas (London for example).
Hoping this may be of use to you.
At your service for further information.

With best regards,

Dave Deruytter

by Dave Deruytter on 25 Jan 2017

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