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I am a B card holder, working and living with family in Belgium. Is it possible to maintain the residence status if I would take up a new job outside EU zone? Can the family continue residing in Belgium when I am working abroad? I shall visit to Belgium 2 -3 times in a year while working abroad.
Would like to know the legal restrictions in regard to the residence status for me & family and tax liabilities in above situation?

by Subhendu on 21 Sep 2017
Myriam Friedmann

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Dear Shubendhu,

As far as I know, if you work and generally live abroad, your family and yourself will not be allowed to stay in Belgium. However, you need to confirm the legal details of this rule with your local residence commune. There a re a number of days you legally have to be in the country in order to be registered. Also, the health insurance – mutuelle – is an important issue. If there is no company paying for your social security over here, your health coverage, and your family’s, will be suspended.

Hope this helps.


by Myriam Friedmann on 26 Sep 2017

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