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Hayden Forrest



Do you know roughly how much it costs to see a doctor in Belgium? I have a European Health Insurance Card. Would it be cheaper finding a private doctor or going to a hospital and seeking treatment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

best regards

by Hayden Forrest on 07 Oct 2016
Dany Coppens

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Good day,
the cost of a doctor's visit depends on the kind of doctor and treatment you get.
A visit at a domestic doctor for example costs +/- € 25 on which you get something like € 18 reimbursed by legal health insurance.
Generally spoken we can conclude that about 75% is covered if you visit a so called conventional doctor (who accepted following official prices).
Conclusion: always ask a doctor if he is conventional or not.
Kind regards,
Dany Coppens

by Dany Coppens on 12 Oct 2016

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