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Hi there,

My partner and I are moving to Belgium from the Czech Republic with two cats and we want to know about our rights when it comes to having pets in an apartment. For example, can we just take any apartment and legally have our cats but pay a fee, or do we have to find an apartment that specifically says we can have pets?
In CZ, it is law that no landlord can stop you from having a pet, but we really don't want to get screwed over in Belgium on this topic.
Thank you

by Ashleigh on 12 Apr 2017
Myriam Friedmann

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In Belgium as well it is forbidden to stop people from having animals. However, lots of homeowners mention in their lease contract that the tenant cannot have an animal
You will have to take it case by case. Visit homes and if you see something you like, you will ask the owner if you can have a cat in his place. It is usually easier to get permission for cats than for dogs.

Remember that any damage made by the cat to the property will be at your expense when you leave.

I hope you find a happy home for yourselves and your cat.


by Myriam Friedmann on 18 Apr 2017

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