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Hi there, I legally live in Belgium (British, married to a Belgian). I would like to open my first small business here selling my own brand British made products via a website. I haven't worked for 7 years (formerly worked in Brussels but took a break to look after my child). How do I go about this the right way? Is an eenmanzaak the way to go please and how do I initiate this? Thanks in advance.

by Amanda on 13 Mar 2014
Arent Lievens

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Dear Madam,

On these sites you will find some info:" target="_blank">

Where will your business be based ? logistics ? Do you produce your own brand ?
A webshop can be based anywhere. Lots of websites are based in Cyprus, because of a good business environment (low taxes).

What is your businessplan ? financial forecast ?

All these matters have to be taken into consideration.

Maybe a meeting is more suitable ?

Kind regards,

Arent Lievens

by Arent Lievens on 18 Mar 2014

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