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Hi Marcia

I need to move to Brussels for work and it will be my new home for the foreseeable future. However, my son is 3.5 years old and does not speak yet. He can not attend regurlar school or nursery. He currently attends a special pre-school in Denmark as the DAnes though it best for him, where the school has 34 teachers to 30 students. They work on his social, non-verbal and verbal skills.

MY question is: can I find a school like this in Brussels or something similar. If you know of one or more how to I go about securing a place. Are these schools public or private. Any further answers would help enormously.

I am desperate for help, please advise

kind regards


by Khaled on 05 Mar 2018
Marcia De Wolf

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Dear Khaled,
I would suggest you check the Expatica schools directory to find schools that may be suitable for your child and in the location that works for you, and then contact them directly. The directory provides enough information on each school to determine which schools may be of interest to you.
Good luck with your search!

by Marcia De Wolf on 16 Mar 2018

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