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I have recently applied for Belgiun Nationality.
I had submitted all the required documents for the application.
Including the following documents:-
1) A2 level Dutch certificate from atlas/inburgering ,
2) integration courses attest
3) 5+ years pay slip / salary slips of uninterrupted work and stay in Belgium (I also have type B residence card)

Because I already had more than 5 years uninterrupted work , person in commune told me that i don't have to submit any integration and A2 level certificate. But I still insisted them to take all the documents because i already completed the courses.

Couple of days later i had received a mail from commune that they already forwarded all my documents to Ministry and they don't need any more documents from my side.

Couple of months later from that date I had no information regarding my application status..

Then suddenly there was a letter in my mail box from police with the heading "Nationalitiet" and also email id and contact number of police to contact them.

Then i sent him a mail with my details and also called him and i had a telephonic conversation with the police officer in English ,
Even though i have completed my A2 level Dutch certificate ,I was not very comfortable in dutch so i spoke to him in English and police officer was also comfortable with that and spoke to me nicely .
Then he said he don't need any more details and i don't have to visit police station or personal meet any more

Couple of days later the police officer gave me a surprise visit on weekend at my residence and i personally met him again. Since he already had all the details he just cross checked the same .

But after the discussion , while leaving he said i might have to go through interview in Brussels. But he didn't tell any details about the interview and the reason for that.

Is this normal ?
Even after submitting all these documents (eg :- A2 level Dutch and Integration certificate) is there any possibility of interview in Brussels or in police station? if so what kind of interview i need to go through

Please help me on this.

Has any one gone through some interview process with new nationality rules ?

I would like to have a positive reply..

Thanks in advance

by nani on 11 Oct 2016
Evelyne Van der Elst

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Dear Nani,

Thank you for your questions.

A personal interview and a police verification are not part of a standard nationality application. As such, the visit and the statements which you received from the police officer are a bit out of the ordinary.

If you meet the criteria for the acquisition of Belgian nationality, there is no discretionary power for the authorities and you are entitled to it.
The authorities can also not conduct an interview to check your language skills. This is not foreseen in the legislation.

I would advise you to wait 4 months until you receive the decision on your application. Upon receipt of a negative decision, you can always submit an appeal.

Kind regards,
Evelyne Van der Elst

by Evelyne Van der Elst on 17 Oct 2016

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