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I have my Bachelor's from an Ivy League and am currently looking into moving to Belgium. I want to continue my studies and get a PhD. What does the process look like for someone wanting to get a higher degree coming from the States?

by Zul on 14 Jan 2014
Prof. Dr. Bert Mosselmans

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Dear Zul,

Thanks for your message. If you would like to get a PhD in Belgium, then you need to get a master’s degree first. There are several English master programs in Belgium, depending on the field. You should probably have no difficulties finding a suitable master, although the situation may be more complicated for some fields of study, such as medicine, in which case you may need an official declaration of equivalence from either the Flemish or the francophone government. But in general, you can browse the websites of Belgian universities for English master programs and their process of admission.

Once you have a master’s degree, you need to find a PhD supervisor at a Belgian university and take it from there.

Best regards,
Bert Mosselmans

by Prof. Dr. Bert Mosselmans on 16 Jan 2014

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