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Kim Ellis


Hi, I am an American, living in Belgium, married to a Belgian citizen. We recently put in an offer to buy a house. The offer was accepted and we applied for a mortgage with my husband's bank (BNP). Our application was accepted, we signed all the paperwork to buy the house with the realtor and went to the bank to sign all the final paperwork for the mortgage. The bank filed the mortgage with Brussels, and then we received a call the week afterwards that the mortgage had been declined (after everything was approved, papers signed, down payment already sent to the seller, etc...). The reason that it was declined was when the bank tried to file the paperwork in Brussels, they received a message that Belgian banks are not allowed to give mortgages to American citizens. From the information that we were given from the bank, apparently, this restriction only applies to Americans and no other country. We have been told that my name must be removed from the loan and we must do paperwork with a notary dividing my husband's assets from mine for us to be able to purchase the house. We are both in shock at the moment and are searching, first of all, to find out why Americans are apparently singled out over all other nationalities. And, second, to find if there is any way around this, so we can purchase this house together. Obviously, one of our concerns, even though it is something we don't want to think of at this moment if anything should happen to him, what rights will I have to the house if our assets are divided? Can you help us at all or shed any light on what we should do in this situation? Thank you so much for any information you can provide.

by Kim Ellis on 31 Oct 2017
Christian Hasiba

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Sorry, this must be some internal bank regulation. I do not know anything about that. Maybe try another bank.

Christian Hasiba

by Christian Hasiba on 01 Nov 2017

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