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Marko Buneta


I am a Croatian (non-eu) citizen and have been working and living in Belgium for 6.5 years. I currently have type B, 5 year residence/working permit. My wife recently joined me in Belgium under family reunion. She currently holds type A (1 year) residence permit. She recently received a job offer, but it is still unclear what are the requirements for her to obtain a work permit. Would it be easier now that she is already a legal resident in Belgium? Thanks in advance! Best regards

by Marko Buneta on 19 Mar 2011
Matthias Lommers

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Dear Mr. Buneta,
We understand that you are a Croatian national who is currently legally residing in Belgium. You have obtained a 5 year residence permit. Your spouse recently joined you to Belgian and obtained a residence permit for limited duration. She has been offered a job but is still required to obtain a work permit in order to legally work in Belgium. We assume your spouse is a non-EU citizen as well.
In order to enable your spouse to work in Belgium, she will indeed need to obtain a work permit, more specific a work permit type B. Such a work permit allows her to work for one specific Belgian employer and is granted for limited duration of one year maximum, however renewable.
In order to obtain a work permit type B, your spouse’s employer will need to file a request with the regional authorities in Belgium. Once the responsible migration authorities have received her request, they will decide whether or not your spouse is entitled to be in possession of a work permit type B within approximately 4 weeks.
For more information and blank documents, please see the following websites:
1. employer based in the Flemish region:
2. employer based in the region Brussels Capitale:
3. employer based in the Walloon region:
Should you have any further questions in connection herewith, please do not hesitate to contact us.

by Matthias Lommers on 24 Mar 2011

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