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Hi Hugues,

Hope you are well. Thanks for taking the time to look over my question.

My husband operates a rather unique/niche client-based company incorporated in Hong Kong. His business model is such that his clientele are sourced on a contract-basis internationally and he is often required to work and/or live for periods of time (up to one year or longer) within the client's country of residence to fulfil the contractual obligations. Invoicing is done via our HK company and payment is received into our HK bank account, taxes paid in HK. He is currently about to begin negotiations with a potential client who is based in Belgium. If successful, he would as a result, need to spend considerable time with the client in-country. Technically he is not employed by the client but for want of a better description is contracted and supplying a service from a Hong Kong-based company, with those services simply being provided in Belgium. Not sure how this would work in terms of visas and work permits (if any)? I can supply you with a website link to give you a better idea of the type of service he provides if necessary.

Thanks again for your kind assistance and advice!

by Kylie on 19 Jun 2017
Hugues Thibaut

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Hi Kylie,

Thank you for your question.

For a non EU citizen wishing to work in Belgium, this person needs to have either a professional card or a work permit.

The professional card authorizes the non EU self-employed person to provide his/her services in Belgium. If your husband wants to provide his services in Belgium to his Belgian clients as a self-employed, he needs to apply this professional card at the Belgian Embassy in his country.

Another way for a non EU citizen to work in Belgium is via a work permit. In this case, the non EU citizen must be under a working contract. If your husband is hired and works in Belgium for his Belgian employer, his Belgian employer needs to get the authorisation from the Belgian regional government and apply the work permit for your husband. As an employee, your husband cannot apply directly the work permit.

Only when the application of the professional card or the work permit is approved by the Belgian government, your husband can ask for the visa to come and work in Belgium.

by Hugues Thibaut on 19 Jun 2017

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