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André Battistini Alves da Graça


Hi Gregory, thanks in advance for your help.
I´m Italian and I arrived in Brussels on January 25th. Started working middle of February, my conract was finalised and presented to the comune todau (March 16th) and until now I haven´t received any income.
I´m working as "socio active" and it was told tha I should pay EUR720 now in March regarding taxes that as usually pay by quarter.
I would like to understand better how it works. How can I pay for a quarter if I didn´t work for this period?
It doesn´t matter if I didn´t receive yet any income and I worked for only 1 month?
it was told that I should pay EUR720 until March 20th, otherwise I can be fined in 3%.

please, I need help!

Thanks and best regards,

by André Battistini Alves da Graça on 16 Mar 2018
Gregory Goossens

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Dear André,

I believe what you refer to is the mandatory quarterly social security contribution. This is always due if you are registered as a freelancer/self-employed in Belgium, even if you earn no income.

Kind regards,


by Gregory Goossens on 26 Mar 2018

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