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Hi Francesca,
We are planning to buy an apartment in Brussels. The house has Electric Accumulator radiator installed for heating. We know that electricity is quite expensive in Belgium as compared to gas. Hence, we are planning to replace the electric heaters with gas.
On an initial estimate, this conversion would cost us 6000-7000 euros.
We do not know whom to check to help us understand on this and also on the calculation part. Can you please provide me any contact to check with?
Also, Can you please help me understand the following questions?
1. Is it really beneficial to change from electric to gas? Will there be significant savings on our monthly bills?
(I mean the reduction in bills so much so that we can recover our conversion cost in few years)
2. Do Electic heaters reduce the value of PEB certificate? (Ex. from C to E,F,G)
Thanks in advance for your response!


by Ria on 14 Dec 2017
Francesca Puccio

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Hi Ria
apologies for the late answer.
Indeed I usually advise replacing electric heaters with a gas installation using radiators.
However, it's difficult to give you a Return on Investment data.
If you're based in Brussels my suggestion would be to go the Centre Urbain where they can give you specific advice on these technical issues, on the current regulation (PEB) as well as on the subsidies that are available for renovation.
Hope this helps.

by Francesca Puccio on 09 Jan 2018

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