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Hi Dany,
I am Polish citizen working in brussels. I am renting an apartment and last week I had a fire. Basically everything got burned and I left with nothing. My landlord already got me replacement flat as he owns loads of places and buildings. I got lucky and moved into the other flat. There was a landlords insurance on the building so the insurance company will cover all the renovation costs for the landlord. But I don't have one. Is there any chance of any help or getting money back?

by Marta on 08 Apr 2015
Dany  Coppens

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Dear Marta,

If you got yourself an insurance for the contents of your apartment, there shouldn’t be a problem to get your damage reimbursed.

If not I’m afraid that there won’t be any compensation.

I advise always to get an insurance for the apartment (tenants liability when damage is caused by yourself to the apartment) and the contents (furniture, clothing, etc.).

These insurances are not that expensive.

If you want an offer, don’t hesitate to get back to me.

Kind regards,
Dany Coppens

by Dany Coppens on 14 Apr 2015

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