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Coletta Fry


Hi Danny, My husband and I left Belgium in May last year after 37 years, to live back in the UK. We both have Belgian pensions and have just received bills from our Belgian mutuality (mutulaiteit) to pay contributions for rest of 2016 and whole of 2017 plus 50 Euros each as compulsary contribution. We will never return to Belgium and do not anticipate having to use their medical facilities ever. Can you tell us why we should pay this? Kind regards, Coletta

by Coletta Fry on 10 Apr 2017
Dany Coppens

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Hi Coletta,
In both your situation the question is which country is the competent country regarding your legal health insurance.
While only having a Belgian pension, Belgium continues to be the competent country. This means that you need to pay your contributions for being able to "export" your rights to legal health insurance back in the UK. In that case your mutuality should provide with a S1-document for getting registered at NHS.
If you also have a British pension, UK becomes your competent country and your mutuality in Belgium can be stopped.
Kind regards,

by Dany Coppens on 13 Apr 2017

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