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Hi Christian,

My question is fairly simple and might have considered before as well.
Me and my wife (both Indian nationals) are living in Belgium(Brussels) for nearly 2 years now on rent, but now we are considering to buy our own apartment. We are considering to take 80% mortgage loan and bear remaining + some renovation. now my questions: 1. Can foreign nationals obtain a bank loan for buying a property in Belgium. I checked with bank and they without checking the credit department said should not be a problem. 2.we are planning to buy apartment in Brussels region, does all apartment falls under Abatement fees reduction of 175K. i am considering buying not new but old property? 3. If i cannot stay there for 5 years as requirement for fees reduction and somehow has to leave Belgium in between, Can i rent the property, is there a fine on terminating the 5 years condition?

Thanks for your asnweres

by Sahil on 09 Mar 2018
Christian Hasiba

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Dear Sahil,

1) Yes, of course. Banks give loans to foreign nationals if they fulfill their requirements. Just contact your bank.

2) Yes, all 'old' properties fall under the abattement

3) following the requirements of the abattement you have to live in the property for 5 years. If you cannot fulfill this you have to contact the finance ministry (through your Notaire) and pay the registration fee (12.5%) on these 175k. This is not a fine just an adaptation of the situation.

I hope that helped.

Christian Hasiba

by Christian Hasiba on 20 Mar 2018

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