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Andrew Davies


Hi Christian,

I am a University student living in Brussels on my placement year. We have a 1 year apartment contract.

I am looking to get out of my contract, the contract states "Duree determinee de 1 an prenant cours le 1er juin 2017 et se terminant de plein droit le 31 mars 2018" he changes 1 of the contracts in pen to say Mai but this wasn't the original. The contract itself has all tenants signatures on there since 2013 he has used the same contract.

Also how much notice period do Landlords have to give to enter the property? In the UK it is either 24 or 48 hours notice I am not 100% sure on what the period is here.

by Andrew Davies on 19 Dec 2017
Christian Hasiba

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Dear Andrew,

In case of obvious mistakes it is the original intention that counts. I think your contract ends end of may.

There is no Law determining a notice and it will depend largely on the circumstances and how urgent it is that the landlord enters the property. The Law says that the notice has to be reasonable.

Christian Hasiba

by Christian Hasiba on 21 Dec 2017

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