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Hi Christian,
Thank you in advance for your kind advice you offer on my question!

We are expats, a family of 3(2+1 child). We are residing in Brussels for 5 years and have plans of staying in Brussels for another 10+ years. We are planning to buy an apartment in Brussels and shortlisted an old apartment (1977 constructions). As per Owner, not much maintenance work has happened in the apartment and this worries me as the apartment is quite old.

Do you suggest that we should go for a Technical Expert to evaluate situation/damages for the floor (carpet), electrical framework, Sanitary-Sewage System, Room Heating System, Humidity, Walls etc? If yes, can you please give us a contact for a good Technical Expert.

Thanks a lot once again for your support....Enjoy the sun!!

by Tim on 17 Apr 2018
Christian Hasiba

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Yes, I recommend you tho get an expert. This one of the biggest investment of your life. You should know what you buy. Compared to the price of the property the expert fee is marginal.

I can help you with this myself: my fee is 50€/30min + 30€ for my time in the car if its in Brussels.

by Christian Hasiba on 19 Apr 2018

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