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Hi Carolyn and thank you for your attention.
I'm a Flower therapist workin' in Italy. I would like to know if in Belgium there are some pratictioner with this role using the healing power' flower method of Doc. Bach and if this practice is well known in your country. Flower therapy works on the balancing of emotion and state of mind in order to prevent diseases. Thanks a lot for your answer.

by Silvia on 30 Oct 2012
Carolyn Moody

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Dear Silvia

Sorry not to have got back to you sooner.

There are many people doing Bach Flower remedies here. It is very popular!

If you put a search in google: Les fleurs de Bach belgique - you will see how many practitioners and suppliers there are.

I hope this helps.
best wishes

by Carolyn Moody on 30 Nov 2012

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