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Manisha Chetry


Hi Arent, I am Manisha Chetry from India. I did my masters from France and landed a job in Erembodegem, Belgium in the month of December. I had a fixed term contract from February to July. My employer was working his best to get my work permit for the past five months, giving me always positive response and asked me to wait patiently till I get my work permit and then join the office accordingly. As a result of which I was not looking for other opportunities. Now just two weeks ago, my boss replies me saying that my recruitment is on hold and they cannot proceed further with my recruitment (reason new general manager has taken up the position and froze my recruitment) But the fact is he took up the position long time back and also my company didn't apply for my work permit . They were just bluffing me and keeping me on hold. Now 5 months of my career got wasted along with lots of expense. I have no idea what to do. Can you suggest me solutions to this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance

by Manisha Chetry on 30 Apr 2018
Arent Lievens

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Hello Manisha,
That is really treating you badly.
There is a possibility to recover some of your expenses. This would be on the basis that you had a confirmed job, and that your employer did not do the necessary steps to organise your work permit.
To give you more certainty I would need more detailed information from you.
You can mail me on, or find me on Linked-In.
Kind regards,
Arent Lievens

by Arent Lievens on 01 May 2018

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