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Jane Banen



I am an American citizen working at an international school in Antwerp, Belgium. I have recently gone through a divorce and need to open an IRA ASAP in order to roll-over funds ( a QDRO) from the divorce-do you have any idea how I can open an IRA while I'm here in Belgium?

Thank you I appreciate any advice you can give me,


Jane Banen

by Jane Banen on 01 Apr 2010
David Kuenzi

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You can only open an IRA in the United State through a US brokerage firm. There is no reason that you cannot have a US IRA account even though you are a resident of Belgium. However, having said that, many brokerages in the US will not open accounts for Americans living outside the United States. You can always use a US address of a relative and open it up that way. Otherwise, you can contact us directly via our “contact us’ on our website or call in 608 237 1318 (in the US) and we can help you set up the accounts through our custodian Charles Schwab & Co.


David Kuenzi

David Kuenzi, CFP®

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by David Kuenzi on 05 Apr 2010

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