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Wynand Kapp


Hello Myriam

Hope you can point us in the right direction. Im looking to relocate my family to Belgium from South Africa. Where would one start in this regard and is there perhaps a more detailed guideline you can provide that specifically applies to relocate from SA. I have seen in some countries there exist the option of investment or real estate but was hoping we can look more along the lines of skill shortages etc.

Would you be able to assist in this regard
Thanks and Regards

by Wynand Kapp on 12 Nov 2017
Myriam Friedmann

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Sorry but this is beyond my capabilities.

However, as far as I know, you need an employment contract in Belgium in order to be able to live here permanently and bring your family.
The company employing you will have to apply for a work permit. Without this I doubt you would be able to obtain residency.
I suggest you go and talk to the local belgian embassy or consulate nearest to your present residence and they will be able to help you more precisely.

Good luck,

by Myriam Friedmann on 16 Nov 2017

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