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Hannelore Van Laer


Hello Mr. Krishnan,

I'm a Belgian born and bred, living in a "kot" / dorm room in Brussels to be close to my university. Next school year, I will study abroad using the Erasmus program for one semester and as I am reluctant to lose my beloved room because i'm away half a year (the room is rented on a full year basis), I have decided to find someone coming to Brussels for the one semester I leave. I would rent the room for a full year and the sub-renter would pay me the rent back for the duration of his stay.

Now here's the problem. The candidate sub-renter has access to the Erasmus program because he attends an Italian university, but will need a Belgian residence permit as he is an Albanian citizen. Meaning that he would need an official residence to receive that permit, so I've been told.

My question is to you, does a Belgian residence permit accept a sub-rented kot as an official residence? Or should I call off the arrangement, tell the candidate what kind of residence he needs for a permit and find myself someone else to sub-let the room to?

Thank you for your time.

by Hannelore Van Laer on 05 Jul 2016
Dinesh Krishnan

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All foreigners residing in BE for long period (+3 months) should have a “own place” of residence in order to obtain a residency permit at the commune. Since yours is a of case education, involving foreign students , there may be some concessions to this rule.

You can find some input here:

I recommend that you visit the commune and seek their personal advice on your file (sub-rented kot).

by Dinesh Krishnan on 12 Jul 2016

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