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Amy Williams



I am from the UK moving to Brussels in September to begin a two year masters course at VUB. I would need to open a Belgian bank account to make rent payments etc. I am aware from my research that I need a proof of address in order to do this. However, I know that some student/private accommodation will not let you register that address as the sole primary address of residence and need you to keep your current (in my case UK) address as primary address of residence. Would I be able to supply my UK address as proof of address when opening a Belgian bank account, or do I need a Belgian address as my primary address of residence?
On another note, do you know if this is also the case when registering for a Belgian ID card i.e. do I require my primary address of residence to be in Belgium when registering?

I am aware that this is a subtle detail, but it could have huge implications for when I make the move in September, as to which accommodation I choose - one that will allow me to register that Belgian address as my primary address of residence or one that will not allow me to do so.

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,

Amy Williams

by Amy Williams on 02 May 2016
Dave Deruytter

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Dear M. Amy Williams,
At certain banks in Belgium (ING for example) a local bank account can be opened on the UK address until you would have registered in Belgium. If you come for 2 years to Belgium it is typical to register here. Registration in Belgium will be done on the basis of the local address here were you typically live. Hoping this may be of help.
Dave Deruytter, ING Belgium

by Dave Deruytter on 02 May 2016

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