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Jan Kerzel


I am Czech, I was working in Belgium from 7,2016 to 7/2017. I was registered at municipality Etterbeek. My family (wife and three kids) has remained back in Czech republic. I got my tax bill as single. I started to investigate and the municipality accepted to add the information that I am married, but the refused to accept my kids and calculate on this my tax bill. They asked me to try to send a reclamation to resolve residence/ non-residence status. Is it advisable to do so to get more money back? Is there a online pre-calculation possible? Can you advise how to proceed?
thx in advance
Kind Regards

by Jan Kerzel on 10 May 2018
Gregory Goossens

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Dear Jan,

Sure, we can further assist with that. Please contact us in private, so we can further discuss :

Kind regards,


by Gregory Goossens on 14 May 2018

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