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I am an Australian citizen with a work visa for the UK, with my own ltd company in the UK. I have been offered a contract position in Brussels for 6 months and the employer hopes to hire me on a permanent basis next year, if their financial results pick up.
What visa, if any, do I need to work here on a short term contract. The professional card takes months to obtain and will stop me from accepting. . or can I work for 3 months without a visa and apply for one while I am working? tks

by Melissa on 03 Aug 2010
Matthias Lommers

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Dear Melissa,

The Belgian company can decide to hire you with an employment contract for a definite duration.

Before employing you in Belgium, the Belgian employer will need to obtain a work permission/work permit for you. The process to obtain such a work permit takes about 2 to 3 weeks. A regular work permit (type B for highly qualified employees) can be issued towards foreign employees holding at least a bachelor degree and earning a yearly gross salary of at least 36.355 Euro.

Note that the employed activities in Belgium cannot be started before you have obtained the work permit. Working without a work permit for a period of 3 months is not possible.

Best regards,


by Matthias Lommers on 05 Aug 2010

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