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Rui Almeida



I am a Portuguese working and living in Belgium and subject to the normal Belgium tax regime (did not get the expat-status)
In a couple of months, I will be moving out of Belgium to live in Germany, permanently.
My employer will still be in Belgium and I will receive my salary in Belgium and pay withholding taxes in Belgium.

Especially this year, because I am moving now, I will not hit the 183 days threshold in Germany. But the following years I might hit this limit.

I would like to ask what are the implications Tax wise?
- What do I need to be aware when fiscally living in Germany and actually have my employer in Belgium?
- Do I keep my Belgium ID to make the tax return electronically?
- Will I have to pay taxes in Belgium and Germany?
- Can I just pay taxes in Belgium and pay the social security (like the mutuelle) in Germany?
- Will I need to be taxed on my income in Germany instead of Belgium?
- Is it advisable/advantageous to have an accountant dealing with this situation or is it possible for me to take care of it myself?

Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Rui Almeida

by Rui Almeida on 27 Mar 2018
Gregory Goossens

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Dear Rui,

As the answer to that is too complex, i would advise you to contact us in private for that :

Kind regards,


by Gregory Goossens on 11 Apr 2018

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