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M. George


Hello, I've just relocated to Belgium to start a new job in nearby Luxembourg. On registering in my local Commune I was told I need to sign up with a mutuelle here in BE. However my social security insurance will be covered by my employer in Luxembourg. Does that mean I need to pay 2 social security insurances - one for BE and one for Lux? Will my wife (who is also a EU citizen but does not work at the moment) need a BE and LUX social security cover as well? Thank you very much for your help!

by M. George on 26 Jun 2014
Filip Declercq

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Dear George,

No, due to European multilateral agreements 1408/71 and 883/2004, you can’t have double social security. These agreements coordinates which country is in charge for social security.

Following these directives, you will normally have the social security of Luxembourg (the country where you work), but you’ll need a Belgian mutuelle for all reimbursements of your medical treatments in Belgium, the country where you live (They do this on behalf of the Luxembourgian social security).

As you work in Luxembourg and live in Belgium, you’ll have freedom of choice for treatment in Belgium or Luxembourg.

Belgian and Luxembourg have also a extra bilateral agreement, where Luxembourg will add an extra reimbursement if the reimbursement at the Belgian Mutuelle is lower than the Luxembourgian one. And this will often be the case because the average reimbursement in Belgium is 75%, while in Luxembourg it is more than 90%.

Your wife, as she doesn’t work, will be insured at the Belgian Mutuelle at your charge (again on behalf of your Luxembourgian social security). As she doesn’t work, she’ll have no free choice. She can only be treated in Belgium, except for emergencies during vacations abroad.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards

by Filip Declercq on 30 Jun 2014

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