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Michael Fitzsimons


Hello Christian. My wife and I are intending to buy a house in Ghent. We have found a property and we have made an agreement to buy it. We are now trying to understand the taxation system in Belgium as it will affect how the property is owned. (Either my wife becomes sole owner, or we own it together or our son becomes a part owner as well). We intend to rent the property as a holiday home as well as use it ourselves. We feel we need to speak to an expert. We are travelling to Belgium in October. Would you be able to advise us or could you recommend someone who could help? Thank you

by Michael Fitzsimons on 14 Sep 2017
Christian Hasiba

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Dear Mr Fitzsimons,

You need a tax specialist in the Flanders region. Unfortunately, I do not know such a person in this area.

Christian Hasiba

by Christian Hasiba on 19 Sep 2017

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