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Hello Christian,
I am considering buying an Apartment. I have few questions related to my considerations. 1- I understand that I need to live in the Apt for 5 years to get the benefit of Abatement. How about, if I stay there myself but I also give a room for rent ? will I still be eligible for abatement? 2- related to this, how about if I need to move out of Belgium due to work but I would not give my apt for rent; it would remain empty? 3- in case, I am moving out of Belgium for work for long, can I give it for rent without losing abatement eligibility? Thank you

by Choudhury on 26 Oct 2017
Christian Hasiba

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Dear Mr/Ms Choudhury,

1) Yes, you need to be registered in the property for 5 consecutive years after your purchase.
2) You can rent a room and still be eligible for the abattement.
3) If you cannot stay for 5 years you have to pay the amount you saved to taxes except for 'force majeure'. An employer sending you to another country or finding work in another country after having lost your work has been recognised as 'force majeure'. Other cases are subject to interpretation but the tax ministry applies a large sense to 'force majeure'. It does not change anything if the property is rented or not, occupied or not. The buyer has to occupy the property for 5 years, that is the relevant question.

Christian Hasiba

by Christian Hasiba on 27 Oct 2017

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