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pascal r tixhon


Born and raised in Belgium I left the country to come and live in California.
I left in 2003 and my girlfriend and I would love to buy an apartment back in Belgium. I would like to know what are my options regarding a bank loan in Belgium?
I have a sister who's a home owner and my girlfriend's from France and she's a home owner too.

by pascal r tixhon on 28 Sep 2016
Dave Deruytter

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In principle, subject to formal credit approval, a non-resident individual can obtain a bank credit in Belgium for the purchase of a house here. Not all banks will provide that service though. You would need an international or specialized bank. At ING Belgium for example we would, subject to credit approval, typically not lend more than 60% of the value of the property to a non-resident individual. Please keep in mind that on top of the purchase price you should count about 15% in taxes and costs that the bank will typically not finance. Attention: borrowing money also costs money. Hoping this information may be of use to you. With best regards.

by Dave Deruytter on 30 Sep 2016

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